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Gabriella was a facilitator in my group. The rare atmosphere of a safe and supportive group really helped me heal from my emotional wounds.
C. Bowers
Gabriella is extraordinary when dealing with anxiety attacks. I am also pregnant and very hormonal and emotional. I went down to my room and started crying really hard and loud. I thought to call Gabriella to try to explain to my mom what was really going on. When I called Gabriella, I was crying and freaking out and explaining everything to her. She told me that before we continued talking, that I needed to calm down for Jeremiah (the baby) because he was feeling all of the emotional stress that I was feeling. She said it in a way that was loving enough but very real to where I wasn’t frustrated with her. She told me to take deep breaths and helped me calm down. She was very professional at it too. She didn’t freak out, get impatient or frustrated with me. She literally is a professional at calming people down and I'm so thankful for her and what she helped me do that night. She talked with me the rest of the way, helped me understand and calm down about some things that were bothering me, and was/is a very understanding listener. She prayed with me at the end and I was so relaxed and thankful. I will recommend her to anyone! She’s amazing!
Gabriella Kershner is someone I feel very comfortable sharing my anxiety struggles with. When I share a problem with her, she can instantly recognize what the root of the problem is, explain it in a meaningful way, and give me simple, practical tools to fix it. Gabriella has been a tremendous help with conquering my social anxiety and building confidence. I always find her to be an encouragement and a good example. Gabriella stays up-to-date with the research in her field and is constantly finding ways to implement this knowledge into her practice. It was Gabriella who first told me about the importance of self-care, and she helped me go deeper into mindfulness. This has been a huge win against anxiety for me.
-S. Harper
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