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Many years of research and practice indicate that online-based therapy is just as effective in improving mental health as traditional face-to-face therapy. Because of this, I appreciate the current advances in technology and take full advantage of them knowing very well that it is the future; therefore, I have taken the necessary steps for making online counseling available to you. Therapy from your home or office is now a convenient, safe, and private way to connect with you. I make sure to implement an encrypted video connection and HIPAA-compliant software called, Zoom, which is used by many other healthcare professionals. You can download the Zoom application on your cell phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop for a safe and secure experience.

For online therapy to be successful, you must agree to be available at the appointed time and be ready and comfortable in a confidential and distraction-free, space. It is very important that your laptop or phone has a reliable video/microphone and internet access. You must also meet criteria for a low risk of harm to self or others. Now accepting online clients.

Who is an appropriate candidate for online therapy services?

Since this is a live video session, I will only be working with higher functioning adults. This means that I see clients that are struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, stress, and other life challenges. However, I am unable to see people with suicidal thinking, homicidal thinking, schizophrenia, or personality disorders since those require a higher level of care.

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