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    I specialize in “mindfulness therapy”, utilizing mindfulness meditation exercises to include ecotherapy (walking and talking in nature), art-based meditation activities, as well as equine-assisted psychotherapy, which all three require that we are outside breathing in fresh air and doing something to ground ourselves in the current, present moment. More and more studies show how effective these modalities are for regulating the central nervous system and encouraging peace, clarity, and a sound mind.

    Using mindfulness therapy focused modalities, I assist clients in being able to ground themselves into the moment rather than the constant ruminating thoughts of “being stuck in the past”, or constantly “restless and anxious about the future”. The various techniques I use with clients help them alleviate stress, anxiety, persistent symptoms and overwhelming emotions. Studies and evidence based information show that consistent mindfulness practices increase and support: positive emotions, emotion regulation, relaxation, empathy and understanding for others, self-compassion, increase self-esteem, positive relationships, positive parenting, ability to focus and attend, immune response, and cognitive flexibility. Studies have shown that consistent mindfulness practices decrease: anxiety, depression, anger and hostility, symptoms of post-traumatic stress, physical and emotional pain, emotional reactivity, addictive behaviors, insomnia, and negative effects of stress.