I enjoy working with women’s retreats, churches, schools, conferences, and events that allow me to educate, encourage, and inspire about topics relating to mental health and wellness. I currently speak about women’s mental health and wellness and spirituality, self-care in the church, anxiety and depression, relationships, blended families, and self-awareness, as well as removing mental health stigma in the church. Contact me to schedule a speaking engagement.

I love to help out my community and give back. If you are associated with schools, churches, or hospitals, a discounted rate will be offered to you. I am available to speak at community colleges, universities, hospitals, spas, non-profit agencies, churches, schools, women’s groups, as well as your corporate events.

Topics include:

  • Communication- “How to convey your heart to your loved ones while empowering them to make healthy choices”
  • Brave- “Finding peace and balance and your true voice in a noisy, technological, chaotic world”
  • Self-Care- “How to become more self-aware and practice self-respect/self-love in your daily life”
  • Depression- “When you are fighting spiritual warfare alone”
  • Anxiety and Panic Attacks- “How to break free from the bondage and live in freedom”
  • Relationships- “Co-dependence vs connection”
  • Relationships- “Healing from narcissistic abuse”
  • Boundaries- “Grace and grit”
  • Wellness in the Workplace- “Self-care, healthy boundaries, and communication” and “How to protect from compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma in the helping professions”

Please contact us to schedule a speaking engagement.

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